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Since '94 lots of world's largest marketing spenders are proud of VA expertise in the creative production of contents. If your purpose is optimizing your budgets to maximize your advertising campaigns, VA team is qualified to reach your objectives. As marketing & procurement consultancy, if you join the VA approach, made of +25 year of experience, you can improve the governance to increase the efficiency of your projects plus using national and international benchmarks stored in the VA Enterprise System-SICS as reference to have a careful and exact costs evaluation.

VA Consulting entrepreneurial culture, main values and far-reaching network enable us to improve governance, increase efficiency, increase quality, reduce costs, stretch budgets, eliminate waste in order to offer your best production ROI.


VA Consulting core business is based on brand or product activation campaigns. Offering services in project & cost management in the creative production of contents. VA improves the governance to increase quality and the efficiency for your adv spend starting from the agency search, agencies pitch & selection till to manage & optimize all ecosystem. 


VA provides you with a team of production & agency-client relationship experts in all areas of advertising with over twenty five years of experience in the field.


Governance & Efficiency in a single board

VAnalysis ™ is a process capable of providing a snapshot of your current landscape, highlighting areas where you may be at risk and enhancing opportunities to increase efficiency processes in order to estimate the impact on the business.

Proprietary VA Technology Tools

Enterprise System-6 


The optimization generated thanks to VA experience plus the use of Proprietary VA Technology Tools, supports you to achieve great savings or, cost avoidance till to 45% of your budget to increase your advertising activity on all channels.